C.B.W. Gospel Music Camp, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit formed in honor of the late Rev. Charles & Mrs. Barbara Westbrook (C.B.W.). This organization conducts a week long day camp that climaxes with a recital.  Through interactive sharing, campers will be provided an enriching and rewarding experience.



Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire young people (ages 10 - 18) through exposure to the history of African-American gospel music. In an effort to preserve the cultural integrity of this music, we will teach and instruct through a developed curriculum.


Educate - Campers are guided through the evolution of African-American gospel music from the continent of Africa to America by presenting them with an overview of African retentions in the musical practices of the African Diaspora as well as the continued adaptation and evolution of said practices.  Campers become acquainted with African musical instruments through audio-visual means and hands-on experience where possible by playing such instruments in order to gain a better understanding of their uses in the traditional rhythms and dances of Africa and the eventual adaptation of such practices in the musical behaviors of African-Americans in this hemisphere.


Empower - Opportunities for leadership, presentation, listening skills and career-focused training empower young people to explore their potential.  In addition, empowers one to build a basic understanding of their abilities and helps establish a platform to further develop those skills.


Inspire - Campers will be inspired by the opportunity to discover and develop their own creativity through self-expression and improvisation.  By creating an environment allowing freedom of expression, children can become self-confident in their capabilities and transfer those skills to other areas of their lives.


This program also affords campers the space to interact with new friends from various socioeconomic and multicultural backgrounds.  They are also encouraged to identify, embrace and engage those that may be new to the program.


C.B.W. Gospel Music Camp is a one-of-a-kind music education program that will provide an in-depth knowledge of gospel music and its fusion with other musical genres in a fun and exciting way. Thus, allowing the campers to use this knowledge as a springboard to create and share this music with their generation and future generations.